Offended some political signs gone from where she put them
Monday, August 9, 2010 - 3:14 pm

To the Editor:

This is to inform any and all in the 23rd NY congressional district that I for one will speak up loudly when I am offended.

At 84 years of age it is not easy to post political signs. Due to being fed up with our elected officials from town to federal and some coaxing from others I found myself involved in politics again. For many years the Dems and GOP have been putting up the worst they have for us to vote for and we find we can only vote against the worst of the worst. "We the People" want to vote FOR a candidate.

The past couple of week I have, in pain, been able to post about 80 signs. Yesterday I drove through Russell and Edwards and saw that four of the signs I had posted were removed. I not only felt offended but violated.

At the Gazebo & Rt 17/24 in Russell

In Edwards RT 21/24 & Maple /24

Driving to Potsdam from my senior citizen apartment in Hermon today I found much the same disrespect.

Signs were removed from Rt 21/25 in Pyrites, Rt 25/27 edge of Canton, Pike Rd/ 68 where the sign was face down in the mud and the wire frame gone.

This is a civilized world? Prove it.

So you have been offended? Well so have I for the last time without speaking up. I will no longer be silent.

Come on "WE THE PEOPLE", we do not have to have murderers, rapists, DWIs, liars, thieves, womanizers, immoralist or usurpers representing us at home or in DC.

Investigate those who want leadership positions from the lowest to the White House and choose those with honesty and integrity. This is our responsibility.

This is America! U.S.A No one should seek leadership without the two most important basic qualifications. Read the Bible and our Constitution.

Then study our forefathers and their intent (found in every state constitution) along with your own God given gifts of leadership.

Warning? There are many "Mama Bears" rising up.

I am not asking "you the people" should Christians be involved in government? I am asking this question; If you are truly a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ) why are you not involved in government as His Word (The Holy Bible) instructs.

Bettina Beckford