Objects to 'political leanings' in story on Gouverneur residents charged for weapons violations
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 3:06 pm

To the Editor:

Having been a resident of St. Lawrence County most of my life, the last 15 moving around due to my job, your website had been a good way for me to keep up with North Country goings on.

Until the article “Gouverneur Residents Charged, Jailed For Weapons Violations, Including Three Felonies” (posted Jan. 6), I didn't find exception to your political leanings. I do now.

#1 - they are magazines, not clips.

#2 - the reason the weapons were illegal for these people is that the man is a felon. Felons are not allowed to own firearms. Period. That is the crime.

Your tidbit does not make this clear and actually leads one to believe that the individual owns illegal-to-own weapons, weapons that legal firearms owners can not possess. This is misleading to the uninformed public.

I do not expect a retraction, nor a correction; I figure you will just delete this email. No matter, it will only show your ignorance of the issue as your opinion on the issue.

Thank you and wishing you a Happy New Year

James Pellegrino Jr., Frederick MD, and formerly of Massena