NYPA overspending costs customers
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 7:39 am

To the Editor:

In reference to “State audit critical of New York Power Authority paying 35% of employees more than $100,000,” that article really does my heart good; it’s just great to see details on what many have suspected (and paid for) over the last 80 years, especially the last 20, in my opinion.

I would just love to get a look at the budget structure of a place that can have over a third of their workforce making “over” a hundred grand a year. And “$2.4 million on 401(k) matching funds and provides free health and life insurance benefits to some retirees” almost makes my blood boil.

Where is that money coming from? It sounds to me like every single employee might be salaried, as opposed to hourly wage-earners. I’d also like to see statistics on working-hours. A salaried person, by definition, only has to work when there is work to be done! So, how many hours a year do these people actually work?

And “... has its own airplane with pilots, an aviation director and a travel manager”? Pilots? Plural? What for? Other than for pleasure excursions, that is. Any salaried person knows the right seminars can be mini-vacations and nothing more. As for getting around NY, it’s simply not necessary. Trains, busses, personal vehicles and taxis are all available to those folk, to mention just a few of several possibilities.

Other than perks, what other expensive services might they have at hand? Some pretty highly paid legal and counseling people, I’m sure.

Then, “The audit also criticizes the authority for giving over $1 billion to the state ... .” Just how was that money spent, and for what purpose, ignoring the fact that it should be illegal activity, I bet! Who is ingratiated to them for their “donation”?

NYPA’s responses in the article are pretty weak and probably as much hogwash as a lot of other things about them.

There’s a lot more to the article, but I think I’ve hit the highlights here. If you know where to look (and I don’t), most of it is publicly available.

I’ve had enough and now I want to see some reductions in the services NYPA provides. They can, but it’s obvious they just don’t want to. It’s time for all of us to speak up and make our opinions and problems known!

PS - anyone had a good look at National Grid lately?

Tom Rivet