Norwood workers do well in ice storm conditions
Monday, December 30, 2013 - 1:40 pm

To the Editor:

Although Norwood area residents were spared from the recent ice storm, our “Emergency Preparedness Plan” was enacted, which required several to put Christmas and holiday season plans aside while they responded to the ice storm.

We are grateful to the American Red Cross for quickly setting up the shelter at Norwood-Norfolk Central School, to NNCS personnel who were ready to transport Norwood residents to the shelter, and to the Norwood Police Department who worked additional shifts.

We are also thankful to our Department of Public Works for working around the clock as they kept streets and sidewalks in good condition, the Norwood Fire Department for manning their station 24 hours a day as dedicated volunteers, and to our village board members for ensuring our plan was executed as written.

Also to Jason Clark, our county legislator, and the St. Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services for working with us when we had questions.

Norwood Village Board Members attended meetings and determined their assigned duties. Trustee Tim Levison coordinated communication between the village board and fire department members.

Trustees Jim Besaw and Dick Boprey compiled a list of over 50 citizens most vulnerable if electricity failed, and arranged that any citizen in need would be transported to the shelter.

Trustee Mike DiVincenzo was in charge of transportation and coordinating the effort with NNCS personnel, if required.

All village departments and the Norwood Fire Department were prepared to assist Norwood residents, and we thank our neighbors at Norwood-Norfolk Central School, the American Red Cross and the many others who assured local residents were safe.

Congratulations to all for a job well done.

Jim McFaddin

Mayor, Norwood