Norwood Village Green promoter offers praise to booking agency
Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 6:39 am

This letter was sent by Norwood Village Green promoter Joseph Liotta to Lee Olsen of Keith Case and Associates, Nashville. Tenn. Liotta wanted express appreciation to him for his help over the years securing performers.

To the Editor:

Hi Lee, Thank you for all of your help meeting our needs for a replacement concert for our July 18th date on such short notice. Della Mae did a fabulous job for us last night. The weather was awful. The sound check went great and then the rains came down.

The sound guy (Erick Jaskowiak) suggested they do a one hundred percent acoustic concert at our rain site, the Norwood Municipal Building.

He said they had done that before. I sent my crew upstairs to set up the 200 chairs available at 6:50 pm and announced the change to the audience. Without a single piece of sound equipment Della Mae wowed the 200 people for about an hour and a half of music and engaging conversation.

In forty years of doing concerts this was a first for us - a 100 percent acoustic concert - and highly successful to boot. Della Mae was in a strong position to carry this off. The audience was both appreciative and amazed.

I know groups come and go and I hope this group remains stable, personnel-wise for many years to come. They are all fantastic players playing both original and traditional music. They are an ensemble in the truest sense of the word with great stage movement techniques. They enjoy performing together as a group, and communicate all of those vibes to an audience. Five Brave Ladies indeed!

I’d like to have them again next year at about the same time - the Thursday before the Grey Fox Festival. We’ll talk about it in early September.

Joe Liotta, Norwood Village Green