Norwood Village Board works hard for public
Monday, June 17, 2013 - 3:14 pm

To The Editor:

Living in the village of Norwood, I was absolutely amazed when I received my 2013 tax bill and found that my taxes went down $260.50. I suspected there might be a mistake since the county taxes were up almost 15 percent, and my new assessment for the town of Potsdam was up 20 percent. But the village tax was no mistake. At the same time, we have a mayor in the office every day of the week during morning hours, if we want to stop by and complain (or congratulate him), and he volunteers a great deal of his time around the community, including Saturday mornings at the Norwood recycling center, Kiwanis, school-village functions, church, Norwood Lake Association, and more I’m sure

Roads are being improved, sidewalks are being replaced, village problems are being dealt with, and eyesores around the village are being taken care of, and responses are received when people do contact him! In my 75 years, I don’t ever remember things running this nicely

I don’t always agree with Jim McFaddin, and he hasn’t accomplished all this without a very dedicated village board of trustees, but I’m confident there are a great many people who feel as I do—with a village board and mayor such as this, where else would you prefer to live?

Chuck Morgan, Norwood