Norwood Library budget shrinking, needs help
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 12:44 pm

To the Editor:

We are going into budget time for the Norwood Library and because of our weak financial situation we’ve had to make some serious cuts.

In 2009 our budget totaled $64,321; in 2010 it totaled $66,521; and the proposed budget for 2011 totals $53,109. We have cut many items to zero.

Our librarian’s hours remain the same but other staff hours have been cut. Library hours remain in place temporarily but there may be changes in the future. So far all programs are still active with no adjustments planned.

The investments that supported the library for more than sixteen years have all but disappeared due to the stock market failure and general economic slowdown. So we are in the process of looking into other ways to finance the day-to-day running of the library. We feel we are able to maintain our current operation at least through 2011.

We recently had to delay paychecks for a few days until expected funding arrived so it is touch-and-go some months. Some small fundraisers are planned for the future.

On Sept. 4, there will be a “Good Will Rummage” held in Norwood at the Kiwanis/Norwood Lake Association Recycling building on Bernard Avenue. We ask that people support this event to benefit the Norwood Library. Items will be free and donations will be gladly accepted.

We need your support. Please help us to stay operational so one and all can come to borrow a book, magazine, CD, use a computer, a fax machine, a printer or just sit and chat.

The Norwood Library

Board of Trustees