North Country reps should support Reproductive Healthcare Act, says Hermon woman
Friday, February 24, 2017 - 5:35 pm

To the Editor:

When the Reproductive Healthcare Act reaches the New York Senate floor, I respectfully ask all North Country representatives to support the measure.

I believe that the choice to have an abortion (or to use contraception) should be left between the woman, her family, her God (if applicable), and her doctor – politicians should not be involved in these personal healthcare decisions. It is not a matter of being pro or anti abortion; it is a matter of body autonomy and allowing women to have full control of their own choices without outsiders imposing their morality or beliefs.

Roe v. Wade is currently the law of the land. Anti-choice advocates in the new administration seek to change that. New York State has always been a champion of Pro-Choice legislation and the RHA will ensure that will remain true despite what may happen on a federal level.

I can respect if someone is personally anti-abortion but the law requires objectivity and a separation of church and state. New York State must remain a pro-choice state where women’s reproductive choices are made privately and not dictated by politicians.

Therefore, I respectfully encourage all New York State Senators to vote for the Reproductive Healthcare Act. Also, I would support any potential State Constitutional provision to protect women’s rights to abortion. Not because I am pro-abortion but because I am pro-choice.

Janice Brabaw