North Country representatives, out of touch with community
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 12:28 pm

To the Editor:

I can’t believe that as our representatives Senator Joseph A. Griffo and Addie J. Russell in Albany representatives of the 118 River District, are so out of the picture on the UTV bills.

Let’s start with the outdated bill Addie J. Russell gave me, Bill #A7710 of May 16, 2011. A lot has changed since then, another year has gone by, and now there are even more Side-by-Side UTVs out there.

Fact: The Assembly along with those we have elected in Albany has not clue of what is going on or what the other hand is doing.

Fact: The Side-by or UTV Bill has been in legislative history since 1/04/06. This is now 5/11/12…that’s six years.

Fact: Since 1/04/06 the State of New York elected representatives have turned their heads to the people of the State of New York while allowing the sales of the UTVs to continue to get out of hand.

Fact: Every bill on the table is now so far outdated, even if you all could agree on it, would not serve those that have been allowed to purchase these UTVs that the State of New York has not banned the sale of in the state. If they’re so illegal, why are they still allowing them to be sold in the State of New York?

Fact: Even Pattie Ritchie’s UTV Bill of S.3318 is not outdated. Why? Because now we have UTVs that weigh 1,650 lbs. and now have front and back seats, only because taxpayers are purchasing them so they can get the whole family involved in the outdoors…including the elderly and disabled. I Love New York, or is this a term no longer in use in New York?

Fact: I would strongly suggest that all the left hands and right hands get together is Albany and draft a bill that now covers all UTVs sold as to weights and widths and passengers as manufactured ratings allow.

Fact: Every day that goes by only compounds the problem, with different sizes and weights along with number of seats and passengers.

Fact: Someone needs to draft a law to stop these from being sold after a certain date if they don’t meet New York State restricted to sizes, by weights and seating capacity. While grandfathering in all sold to date or the State of New York should be buying back all that have been sold, at retail.

Fact: Our elected officials can be part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is up to our representatives.

Therefore be it resolved: Our elected officials in Albany draft a bill that includes all UTVs sold to date, incorporating all sizes weights and passengers along with seating capacities.

Therefore be it resolved: That legal notifications be sent to all manufacturers of a state law, placing weight, width, and number of passenger restrictions on UTVs being sold in the State of New York.

Therefore be is resolved: All UTVs sold before notification of manufacture be grandfathered in as ATV/UTVs with the passage of such a bill that would allow their usages along with registrations.

These two representatives need to be removed from office, for failure to represent the people of the 118 River District. It’s not what they want, it’s what New Yorkers want.

William C. Paige, Potsdam