North Country businessman is best option for region
Monday, June 23, 2014 - 8:57 am

To the Editor:

On June 24, Republican voters have a very important decision to make when they hit the polls for the Congressional Primary.

Often I hear people complaining that our federal government is broken and the North Country is falling further behind the rest of the nation.

Well, on Tuesday June 24 the voters will be presented with the opportunity to elect someone who has the passion and desire to see North County’s best interest in mind because they are from this district, raised in this district and operate a business in this district.

Matt Doheny is the clear choice for Republican voters in the primary. As a businessman myself, I look up to Matt, a person who works hard and operates his own business within the North Country. I have never met a man more dedicated or one that has more passion about the success of out region.

When I go to the polls to vote, I will be voting for Matt Doheny and I would encourage my fellow republicans to do so as well.

I want a successful, North Country business person representing me in Washington because I know he is looking out for our regions best interest.

William Hosmer

Ogdensburg City Councilor