Norfolk man on mend after hip injury
Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 1:29 pm

To the Editor:

We are most grateful to all those who lent us assistance when Bill broke his hip in Dec. 2012. Special thanks to the staff of Titus Mountain Ski Resort who were first on the scene to lend assistance, the EMTs, medical personnel at Alice Hyde Hospital in Malone and Fletcher Allen Trauma Center in Burlington, VT; social workers, physical therapists, home health care providers; Fred Baxter and his daughter Joanne who provided transportation; Diane and Mike Wilby, Robin Norquest, and Doug and Paula Parks who brought food; Nick Pavone, Robert Clark, Ben Levendusky, Merrick Sinclair, Blair, Marg and Cole Madore, Lucas Hanss, Sue Novak, Tyler Baugher and David Carpenter who shoveled snow, moved firewood, made beds, and cared for our dogs; Lynn Sullivan who made sure we had minutes on our cell phone while traveling; Christian Fellowship Center Madrid who helped with some unexpected expenses; and DoubleTree Hotel and Sheraton Inn which provided complimentary housing for Joanna in Burlington, VT when Bill was hospitalized there.

We don’t know the names of everyone who helped, but you are all appreciated more than you know. Bill is on the mend and we are finally getting back to some normalcy thanks to God and our wonderful community

Joanna Loucky-Ramsey, Norfolk