Norfolk man favors Obama in coming election
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 1:35 pm

To the Editor,

As most Americans felt 4 years ago, I am a Democrat and can’t forget how the sore loser Republicans behaved. When you have a leader you support them no matter what your beliefs are. We all learned in Norwood-Norfolk public school that everyone is created equal. If you remember it was John McCain, a Republican, complaining about the military being in Iraq.

Please don’t say that our president didn’t do anything, he has done an excellent job considering that the losers lost. It was like poison, how it spread to all of you. The man can’t do it by himself.

It seems that every bill he puts on the table, they complain about it. How many presidents d you think would be successful without support. Yes, your opinion is accepted Mr. Haggett because everyone has the freedom of speech. As far as you being area superintendent of operations and maintenance, did your employees always agree with all of your decisions or did you have to fight for what was right? So what’s wrong with handouts?

We were all taught to help one another and not to judge, especially, when there may not be enough work to go around and there are people with disabilities.

Yes, you grew up on a farm and so did a lot of people in your time and mine. That doesn’t make you any better that you were fortunate enough to survive. Yes, you put yourself through school and got a decent job, but that’s what you are supposed to do. No one is the to blame, that you had to work. Yes, you helped your kids and grand kids and that’s what you are supposed to do.

Now, as far as health care reform, shame on all of you Republicans for discriminating the elderly on social security.

They worked themselves to death and deserve what they paid into and it should not be changed. President Obama is very intelligent mind you and courteous to all. He even invited ideas for discussion. He was willing to compromise. As far as the economy it is the Republicans fault there is no jobs because he was trying to do something for everyone and that wasn’t good enough. Take a look back at Bush when he gave out the stimulus money, what was the difference?

So sometimes failure only makes better. The people that are closing factories are usually owned by Republicans and they are doing it to make him look bad and they moved their businesses overseas which took our jobs away. This is why no one is going to green energy because Republicans won’t comply and the don’t want anyone that is poor to benefit. Why? Because you are all stubborn, selfish, greedy and money hungry. All these troubles with our countries fighting are tactics the Republicans are pulling to blame it on the president so that they can win the upcoming election.

Have you had enough or do you want some more? I feel sorry for the man and it doesn’t matter where you are born. It’s about having compassion for everyone and liberty for all. In 1944 Republican Party started a war. My father Roger C. Allen, Pier Pont Manner, was one of the 750,000 men drafted because of misrepresentation. He is the reason I am a Democrat.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. He owned his farm also and was forced to leave his two boys and wife. How do you like that? Also Mr. Haggett I know that President Obama captured a killer that killed thousands of Americans in New York City. A lot of them were firefighters. The parties you represent could have stopped or avoided the situation. What if that had happened closer to home, here?

It could have been our firefighters. Do you not have any feelings for them? You should be ashamed of your party for what they avoided. President Obama did us all a big favor and deserves more credit than you people are giving him. No one person in the world could have done better in the last four years.

The people that caused this call themselves Americans. I am from Norfolk and I am voting for Obama. So if any of you people want to relax in the future, pass the message on vote for Obama because he is listening and he will pass the laws we want. Do you feel me? So we can blow smoke up you know where. Yes we can. Technically the Republican Party should be banned from presidency for misconduct.

Frank Allen, Norfolk