Norfolk American Legion Riders asks for safe motorcycle season
Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 9:00 am

To the Editor:

Warm weather in the North Country heralds the long awaited return of motorcycles to our beautiful country roads. You’ll see solo riders, small groups, and sometimes long lines of riders sweeping through the twisty back-roads or roaring through town. Some people will complain of the noise of the exhausts or having to wait while they pass.

Please keep in mind that these riders often are going out supporting local businesses and tourism. The larger groups are usually riding as funeral or Honor Flight escorts. The long lines of bikes are local people and out of town visitors riding in support of local charities. These charity rides are essential to raising money for good causes. Most rides take place on Saturdays and generally will depart around 11 am, with a nice dinner afterwards about 4:30 or 5 p.m.

Please consider donating some money or items for their raffles, and think about either joining the ride or coming out to join the dinner. Everyone, rider or not, is welcome.

I ask local riders to please be considerate to our neighbors. Please try to keep the noise level down in towns and avoid driving aggressively. I would ask local residents for respect as well. Please don’t put those slippery lawn clippings out in the road, keep pets away from the road, and remember that bikes require more distance to stop.

As president of the American Legion Riders of Post #925 (Norfolk), I encourage everyone to have a fun and safe riding season. We have our annual charity ride on July 14, 2018, starting from the Norfolk American Legion at 11am. We’ll riding in support of North Country Honor Flight. Please come and join us.

Ride easy,

Thomas Morrison

American Legion Riders Post #925 (Norfolk) president