New ‘wrench’ needed, Massena man says
Monday, October 21, 2013 - 6:06 am

To the Editor:

I have been observing with interest these past few weeks the campaign for St. Lawrence County District Attorney. As a village of Massena resident, property owner, and parent, I have also observed with even greater interest, over the past few years, the progressive increase in crime in my community.

Additionally, I have also followed the process and aftermath of these cases once the perpetrators have been arrested, charged and turned over for prosecution. I am frustrated.

To be fair, I do not think that the pervasive failure in our county to secure guilty verdicts or adequate sentencing has been entirely the fault of the District Attorney’s Office. I was particularly disgusted in the not too distant past to learn that a young man in a different St. Lawrence County jurisdiction, who was convicted of raping an 11 year-old girl, was sentenced to one year’s probation by the sentencing judge. I believe some of those who currently serve us on the bench need to disbarred and even prosecuted for malfeasance.

I do not know Ms. Rain or Ms. Duve personally but I have no doubts that each are very accomplished and proud professionals whom work hard, and want what’s best for their family and community, and to serve to the best of their ability. And I have no dog in either’s fight politically.

I think that the Office of the District Attorney, as with the bench, is far too important an institution for party consideration in making one’s decision, although, I have, as an Independent, admittedly agreed and voted historically, for the greater part, with those whom tend to be to the left of the center.

But as my Dad used to say, “If what you’re working on is broken, and the wrench you’re using to try and fix it isn’t working, then it’s time to try a new wrench.”

This is why I plan on casting my vote for Mary Rain on Nov. 5.

Leland Farnsworth,