Motorcycles rides benefit charities
Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 1:42 pm

To the Editor:

I have read numerous times people complaining about motorcycles being too loud. Please people, do you have anything better to do than rant about this? And then, I have also heard people complaining about -why motorcyclists have the right to go through red lights have police escorts? When you see this, it’s a benefit ride for cancer, autism or some other person needing help.

The people who are complaining need to remember that someday you may have a family member who needs help. The people that are complaining are the same people who sit at home and do nothing for their community unless they are getting paid to do it. Get off your butt and do something with your life. Get used to the bikes. They have been here since 1903 and they will continue to be here.

The noise lasts one minute at the most. I see tractor-trailers louder than bikes, but we also need them. The reason we have police escorts and hold traffic back, is so that people like you don’t cut into a ride and cause an accident. It also keeps the ride together.

So please stop complaining about the little stuff. Get off the couch and help your community. If you put the effort into the community that you put into writing letters to the editor every week, then you might find you’re more helpful to the community. If you want to write, then write about the lack of jobs, or maybe about the kids who run around vandalizing property. I served my country and for my rights and other people’s rights It seems like people like you want to take everyone’s rights away.

Preston Bond, Massena