Morritown Town Council candidate shares experience
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 10:33 am

To the Editor:

As a lifelong member of the Brier Hill/Morristown area, I strongly believe in the sense of community that we enjoy as residents. As a candidate for Town Council for the Town of Morristown, one of my priorities is to protect the rights of our residents, while being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers. I believe my experiences, both as a member of the Brier Hill Fire Department and the Morristown Central School Board, will allow me to make informed decisions that best serve the needs of all the stakeholders in our community.

Longtime residents of Brier Hill, my wife of 19 years, Deanna, and I have enjoyed raising our son, Trenton, and our daughter, Morgan, in a place where we know our neighbors, the local business owners, and the many seasonal visitors that consider this area a “destination.” Each of these different groups of people deserve to have access to town services that support a community’s infrastructure.

One of those crucial services is the condition of and the safety of our roadways. As a 20-year employee of the state Department of Transportation, I have a keen understanding of how monies can be used to maintain our roads while limiting the burden on the taxpayers. Another key component of our town government’s responsibility is to look at shared services in an effort to not only save money, but also to add to the services the town can offer to its residents.

For over 20 years, I have been an active member of the Brier Hill Volunteer Fire Department. During that time, I have served as an EMT and have been fire chief for the last 12 years. The legacy of our volunteer fire department rests in its history of what has been done for the community. Our efforts to protect property and to ensure safety continue to be important. The legacy of our Town Board should allow for freedom for property owners, but protection and safety for the community at large.

As a current member of the Morristown School Board, the financial aspects of the running of the school often mirror those of the town as it relates to the burden placed on the taxpayers. Neither of our boards can spend without considerations related to the future. We must act responsibly and make informed decisions as to what actions will best serve the residents. We must inform our constituents so that every possible opportunity exists for the community to be heard on the issues at hand. We must ensure that personal agendas do not bias our decisions.

I would appreciate your vote Nov. 5.

Shawn Macaulay