Morristown woman says vote Lisa Whitmarsh for Morristown Town Justice
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 10:30 am

To the Editor:

Election day is only a few days away,voters in Morristown have a choice this year for one of the Town Justice positions.

If voters are looking for someone with,integrity,honesty ,compassion and fairness Lisa Whitmarsh is the one to vote for.

Granted Lisa will be new at the job and will have a little to learn but after 22 years in the New York State Troopers,where she is highly repsected as a person and an officer, the laws are nothing new to her and it won't take her long to be on top of everything after all almost everyone who has the job is new to it at first.

As for a person Lisa is one of the best people I have had the pleasure to know,I really saw the caring and compassionate person she really is when my brother and sister in-law, (her father and mother in-law) were battling cancer,she was by their sides doing what ever she could through the whole time.

Lisa is not one to tell untruths,nor does she like it when anyone else does,she will set them straight.

I'm sure when she was a State Trooper and gave someone a ticket some probably didn't care to much for her,but if it wasn't warranted she wouldn't have given it,I'm sure she let more go with just a warning. She excelled at her job,when she first retired it was hard for her she missed interacting with the community,she likes the law enforcement field,that's why she decided to run for Morristown Town Justice.

Vote the best person for the job Lisa Whitmarsh.

Thank you,

Sue Whitmarsh