‘Message of Necessity’ abused by Gov. Cuomo
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 6:48 am

To the Editor:

Representatives or Rulers: Ask yourself, which do you prefer? Do you want people representing you in a constitutional republic or do you want to be the subject of a ruler or dictator.

Do you cherish the right to vote for your representative? Or would you prefer to be governed in such a way that the “leader” or “leaders” are unaccountable for their decisions that affect us all? What is your definition freedom?

More and more our freedoms here in the United States are being systematically limited. Virtually every new law passed limits our freedoms, increases our taxes or gives government more power over us all. When was the last time taxes were lowered any significant amount? When was the last time legislation was passed that gave you more choices in your personal life or in business?

Our elected representatives are not doing their jobs. Those in power have found new ways to bypass our federal and state constitutions. Why are the people we elect not taking action against those whom abuse their positions and bypass protocol thus creating policy without the peoples consent. Those in power need to be held in check. That starts with our elected officials. If our representatives continue to allow the abuse of power at the highest levels, then our local representatives are equally to blame and need to be replaced.

Is everyone familiar with New York States “Message of Necessity”? Does the population know why it exists? The “Message of Necessity” exits in NY to bypass the required 3-day debate period of any proposed law. It’s a tool that is designed to be used in an emergency, natural disaster or some other time critical issue in order to help the people of NY quickly.

Currently our state government is grossly abusing this legislative process in order to ram legislation down our throats. Was gay marriage a time critical vote? Was putting casinos on the ballot really that important as to bypass the legislative process? Was the “Safe Act” so time critical that bypassing the normally required 3-day debate period was needed? Not one of the previously listed pieces of legislation were given proper debate. I am not supporting or condemning any of these examples. The “Message of Necessity” was used in these three instances as well as 34 other times to date under Andrew Cuomo.

This abuse of power, also known as corruption, is unprecedented by the Governor and Assembly. They are intentionally not allowing public debate on very important issues that affect us all. Cuomo has openly stated that debate slows things down. Isn’t debate why we have elected officials in the first place? He is not entitled to make laws in the middle of the night.

All our representatives in the assembly whom support this process are equally to blame. I am calling on every state assembly member to refuse to vote next time Cuomo tries to abuse the “Message of Necessity.” This will set precedent and force the Governor to use the legal and legitimate process of the 3-day debate period, giving every New Yorker a chance to have our voices heard. We need to hold our representatives accountable.

We can fix the legislative process come November. Become informed as to how your assemblyman has voted. Remember, they are paid employees of our state, they should be working for us and not Andrew Cuomo.

Michael Fregoe