Mergers may be only option for local schools, Canton woman says
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 8:48 am

To the Editor:

I understand that some of the superintendents and boards of our local school districts are beginning to discuss the possibility of mergers and/or regional high schools in response to the state’s reduced financial support and our region’s declining student population. I applaud these efforts as I think such consolidation is the only way we can continue to offer a rich educational experience to our children.

I understand that it may be politically difficult and there are some drawbacks such as increased commutes for some children and fewer jobs in public education for some adults. I also understand, however, that the state provides financial assistance for such consolidations and that larger districts and/or high schools are a more financially sustainable way to educate our students. Having slightly larger class sizes and spending less money on administrative positions would provide more resources to enhance education in the areas of foreign language, music, drama, advance placement classes, athletics.

It is my sincere hope our superintendents and educational boards find the political courage to lead us in this process and that the majority of citizens support these necessary actions to provide our North Country children with a high quality educational experience.

Carol Gable, Canton