Massena woman outraged by proposed cuts to NYSARC
Monday, March 18, 2013 - 10:40 am

To the Editor:

When I first read about the cuts they want to do to NYSARC and Medicaid I was in disbelief. Now I'm outraged considering that I have two very young children who are receiving services through Cerebral Palsy of the North Country (affiliated with NYSARC).

The services they offer to families with developmentally disabled children/adults is remarkable. Medicaid helps pay for these services to be given. Without these services I do not feel that our children would be receiving the help that is needed for them. Without this help our children will go without many things they deserve. Not only do they make sure families needs are met, have homes for numerous children/adults, have a caseworker you can call/or checks in with you on a monthly basis, the caseworker will even check in on our children at school.

If cuts are made to Medicaid, My husband and I fear our children will lose out on the great opportunities that could be in the future for both of them. Both our kids get multiple services at school. Our daughter gets speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Our son gets speech and physical therapy. Both our children have mixed developmental delays and some are severe delays.

We just recently asked Cerebral Palsy if they could help us for new beds for our kids. Within two days the kids caseworker got back to us and said they could help us out. I tried one other place before asking them and the other place ran out of money. Well with cuts no wonder these agencies are running out of money. Our fear is now if they cut the $1.6 million and Medicaid is what will not only our children lose but the rest of America's children /adults that need these services.

Now we have to fear them losing out on a good education and great services provided to help them have a better education and be provided help if needed if these cuts are made.

We care for our children 24/7. My hubby and I are both disabled. Did we expect after we had two children we would become disabled? No, we didn't. We provide the best care we can to our children and having services to help us out at times is good. I was told when I was in my early 20's that my chances of ever having children were very slim to no chance at all due to constant female problems. Well I beat that slim to none chance and my hubby and I have 2 beautiful amazing children even with having severe mixed developmental delays. We have and always will love them no matter what. We just want to know their are services out their that are able to help my family and other families with disabled children or adults.

 What is this world coming to? Where are all the top priorities? We are scared of our children's future already everyday. We will keep praying and hope that these cuts will not be made for the benefit of all developmentally disabled children and adults.

Discouraged and outraged,

Barbara Hynes, Massena