Massena mayor to EPA: Alcoa important to North Country economy
Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 9:14 am

Editor's note -- The following letter was submitted to Young S. Chang, Remedial Project Manager at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, by Massena Mayor James Hidy. It is in regards to the Proposed Remedial Action Plan to clean up the Grasse River. To read more about it see this story.

Dear Ms. Chang:

I am writing to convey my strong support to the ALCOA / Grasse River remediation project.

As mayor of a community that has been the home to one of the largest employers of the North Country, I could not begin to illustrate how devastating this region would become without ALCOA’s presence. ALCOA and the vast number of families its fed over the years continues to be the lifeline of what remains after the downturn in the economy that claimed General Motors Corp. and Reynolds Aluminum Inc. also major contributors to a once thriving community.

Without a doubt, the cleanup of the Grasse River is of great importance as it should be. However, it should be done in a most cost effective way that protects human health, the environment and ALCOA’s commitment to continue operations in Massena. This region needs the jobs.

Respectfully yours,

James F. Hidy, Massena Mayor