Mary Ann Ashley ‘gets the job done’ says Canton woman
Friday, October 18, 2013 - 7:37 am

To the Editor:

I first came to the North Country in 1961 as a student at the Crane School of Music. I knew early on that this was the place I would eventually return to and settle. Over the decades my professional journeys took me to a number of places in the northeast (including Canton and Potsdam) and, for a brief time, to the southeast. After retiring and first living in the town of Canton for a number of years, I had the opportunity to move to the village of Canton in 1994 and become a homeowner here in 2008.

Since I first became eligible to vote as a “youngster”-- I’ll let you do the math -- I have voted in virtually every election at every level for which I have been eligible. This year is no exception. It is with great interest that I have read and spoken with various villagers about the upcoming mayoral race. There is a saying that “all politics is local.” Or as a sage colleague once told me, “If you can’t get out of your driveway because the snow isn’t plowed, you don’t call the White House.” I have spoken at some length with Mary Ann Ashley. After listening to and being heard by Mary Ann, I am supporting and voting for Mary Ann for mayor.

Mary Ann is a proven leader with considerable experience who does her homework. She brings people together and works tirelessly for the common good. She listens and hears, treats everyone fairly and with respect and understanding, actively serves on a wide variety of committees, is a hands-on advocate for all our citizens, has allies at many levels of government service, and-- bottom line -- Mary Ann gets the job done.

Noel de la Motte,