Many challenges made easier by wonderful help
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 1:24 pm

To the Editor:

Azlynne Williams is 16 years old with a twin brother Zach and an 18-year-old brother Jesse. Azzy was born with neurofibromatosis, a rare disease that results in tumors of the nerves and different parts of the body. There is no cure for this disease. She has “café-latté” brown spots over her body which can become tumors at any time. Azzy is 4’10” and will remain so.

For three years Azzy has needed a transplant of the small intestine which had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. On April 22, Georgetown University Hospital in D.C. had her organ!

With four hours to reach DC (driving would be 10 hours), Dr. Michael Maresca supplied a plane for the trip and had a chauffered vehicle in DC for transportation to the hospital. How amazing was that?

How can we ever thank you, Dr. Maresca? What a wonderful man you are. Thanks from the whole family.

So many to thank – the doctors and nurses at the Georgetown hospital, for their excellent care and concern; in DC, where you can read Azzy’s daily ventures and also write her a message; Ronald McDonald House in DC for their excellent accommodations and concerns. Any donations in Azzy’s name to RMH would be greatly appreciated as they survive on donations and you cannot imagine how wonderful you are treated there.

Thank you to Pastor Lee Sweeney and his Knapps Station Church congregation for your many prayers, donations and meals for our sons at home. What a loving congregation!

Thank you to neighbors and friends for cards, calls and donations, greatly appreciated for the three months we have been in DC and unable to be home and working.

Thank you to the Norwood-Norfolk School faculty and staff present and staff, and Azzy’s many friends for gifts and cards to keep her smiling and spirits up.

We are still in DC, not knowing when Azzy will be released, as she has encountered many bumps in her road to recovery. When she is released, we need to stay in the area for two weeks before we are able to come home.

When she is released and we are home, we need to make a 10-hour drive once a week for a while for Azzy to be scoped and tested.

A special “thank you” for our family, for giving us your support, love and prayers, just being there for us.

Please pray for a speedy recovery for Azlynne as there is nothing like the power of prayer.

As of today, Azzy is in mild rejection and on steroids to bring rejection down.

Thank you everyone. God bless.

Scott, Jeannie, Jesse, Zach and Azlynne Williams

Stockholm-Knapps Station Road