Madrid-Waddington thanks Potsdam entertainers
Friday, May 11, 2012 - 3:38 pm

Letter to the Editor,

Madrid-Waddington's junior class would like to give a big thank you to J.C. Entertainment from Potsdam New York for doing such an excellent job at our prom last weekend. Everyone was always on the dance floor and the lights were amazing.

No one could get over seeing "Madrid-Waddington Prom 2012" projected onto the wall to see right when they walked in.

We heard about J.C. Entertainment when we received an email saying that they would be interesting in entertaining, free of cost. We jumped right on the offer and emailed them back the next day to make sure we reserved them before anyone else snatched this great opportunity.

We thought it was so generous and kind of them to want to give back to the community and they did a fine job at doing that. We thank them for all the time they put in to prepare for our prom. They were willing to do anything to make us happy. We highly recommend them. Thank you very much for everything.

Class of 2013 would also like to note that the Madrid-Waddington junior prom was a very successful event last saturday at the Waddington Town Hall. The decorations were phenomenal thanks to the generosity and time of Peggy Beldock and Patty Vanpatten.

For the past two months these two women have been so helpful to our junior class that we would not have been able to do it without them. We are truly grateful for all the time and effort put forth into making our junior prom be the best it could be. Both being very creative and talented, they always knew what should go where and how to do it.

Thanks to Mrs. Beldock, we had a 12' Eiffel Tower up on stage as our main decoration and a little french café to top off our theme "Un Nuit En Paris." Mrs. Vanpatten knew just how to decorate from the tulle with the lights to the outside of the building.

They have always been extremely helpful in our community and would do anything they could to make things run smoothly. We are very thankful for everything they have done for us to make our junior prom perfect. Thank you.

Madrid-Waddington's Class of 2013