Lift some unfunded state mandates
Friday, August 20, 2010 - 1:45 pm

To the Editor:

I was glad to see that the county legislature passed a resolution calling for state officials to lift some of the states unfunded mandates. With an estimated 2011 shortfall of $10 million, the county cannot afford additional unfunded mandates!

The state is clearly facing budgetary issues, but rolling costs to the county is not the answer. Perhaps the state should reduce the number of mandated programs, both reimbursable and non reimbursable, which would reduce spending for both the county and state.

As your legislator, my top priority is to hold the line on taxes. Reducing the number of state mandates saves taxpayer dollars both at the county and state level. I will fully support and advocate for plans that save taxpayer dollars at any level of government.

Matt Flynn II

Candidate For County Legislator: District 8

(Canton, Potsdam, Madrid)