Let Potsdam Town pay for Milfoil cleanup
Monday, December 10, 2012 - 12:07 pm

To the Editor:

Once again I’m reading about a possible concern that exists in our Village of Norwood.  This time it is “Milfoil.”

Studies show that Milfoil has been found on Norwood Lake. ( I’ve always known this body of water as Norwood Pond... a part of the Raquette River.) The spread of Milfoil may decrease property values. There are only a handful of Norwood Village taxpayers who have property directly involved with this issue.  The majority of property owners on Lake Norwood live in the Town of Potsdam. Mayor Jim McFaddin is also President of the Norwood Lake Assoc. and is one of these a property owners.  It was stated in the paper: “Mayor Jim Mc. Faddin says steps will be taken immediately to determine a course of action.” I hope that he will direct his concerns about Milfoil to the Town of Potsdam.  The Town stands to lose more in property values than our Village when it comes to this issue.

Being one of the highest taxed Villages in St. Lawrence County, I do not support any Village tax dollars being spent concerning this Milfoil issue on Norwood Pond.

Bob Haggett, Norwood