League of Women Voters welcomes new members
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - 5:00 pm

To the Editor:

The St. Lawrence County League of Women Voters would like to extend an invitation to our neighbors and community members to participate in the activities of the newly reorganized county chapter.

The League was established in 1920 as a non-partisan educational organization focused on voters and the issues that concern them. Membership today is open to all interested men and women. The national web site is at www.lwv.org.

League membership meetings are free of charge and have included new residents of the area, senior citizens, college students, those who are or have been active, and those who would like to have some issues addressed.

The next meetings is set for Tuesday, June 29, 7 p.m., at the Potsdam Civic Center community room. Good parking is available outside the Potsdam Police Department offices; the entrance is there.

In keeping with the most fundamental mission of the league, activities this summer and fall will focus on voter education for the fall elections. We will contact candidates to arrange open forums, have voter registration and education, and other activities that members choose.

Future issues may include a discussion of federal stimulus funding in St. Lawrence County, how voting stations and new voting machines have worked out in the county, and what’s happening with moves to share services between towns and villages.

We hope the St. Lawrence County League of Women Voters chapter will be, once again, an important source for reasoned, non-partisan information on issues of importance to everyone, as well as a partner in providing important voter information in elections. We’d love to welcome you to our June 29 meeting.

For more information, please contact me at gardency@yahoo.com.

Sue Cypert, Co-Chair