Kindness on highway appreciated by driver
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 8:39 am

To The Editor:
On July 29, when driving on 11B towards Potsdam, I felt a bit ill and drove my car onto the shoulder with the hazard lights on and got out to stretch my legs.

A couple of minutes later I found a car drew up behind me and the lady driving it asked if I wanted any help. I explained what I was doing and thanked her for her offer.

I then found to my surprise that she made a u turn and went off the other way. So, she must have been going the other way, but seeing my hazard lights when she passed me, she turned round and came to check on me, instead of just going on her way.

It is indeed heartwarming to find there are persons who are so friendly and helpful!

R. Bharath,