Justice for Potsdam boy's murder still important
Monday, July 9, 2012 - 2:13 pm

To the Editor:

I look right on my way to work: flowers confusingly spring from porcelain, and I see one of the signs. My eyes gaze to the left, seeing a woman walking her small dog without a leash – I wonder if any lesson was learned from the other animal owner who lost her pet, but know for sure that both the driver and the owner from the incident are at a loss – I see another sign. The VFW flies by and I see an even larger sign. Slightly outside of town a house advertises farm fresh eggs, a dozen for two dollars – this is the first summer I have ever spent in Potsdam, and another sign grazes my view in front of the house. I do not know Garrett or his family, and neither I, nor the community knows the person who committed the injustice that untimely took his life. Potsdam’s caring residence and community has brought (rightfully) this unfortunate event into the forefront of my daily routine.

My deepest sympathies go out to the friends and family of Garrett: what I seek and want for him, his family, his friends, and his community is the exact refrain I see on the signs – justice.

Community members, I am proud to be here in Potsdam, in the company of such people who have the dignity, respect and awareness to keep such a horrendous event that has yet to find the resolution of justice in the mind of it’s residence.

Potsdam Police, or any agency that is or can be responsible for bring the person who committed this crime to justice, I plea for you to do that job this community has entrusted you to complete. Time has a horrible tenacity of letting people forget even the worst of crimes, something residence here are trying vehemently to fight. I am participating and hopefully helping in that fight by writing this letter, and encourage others in the community to help bring justice for Garrett by means they see most fit.

Daniel Pinto, Potsdam