I-98 not on funding radar, says Richville resident
Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 9:16 am

To the Editor:

Jason Clark’s letter, published in the Courier Observer on January 3, 2013, makes a number of factless statements. Mr. Jason Clark, the leading proponent of the imaginary I 98, “rooftop” highway, appears to have the most at stake, with regards to the promotion of said fantasy road. He gets paid to promote it, but I have no horses in this particular race.

The St. Lawrence County Legislature, allocated funds from the gaming compact in the amount of $20,000, this is true, in so far as it goes. The same body has also allocated funds, on more than one occasion, including hiring a law firm to promote the highway concept. Apparently, said monies, through some creative accounting methods?, don’t count as taxpayers money spent on the “idea” of a super highway.

Mr. Clark also alludes to “countless millions’ spent, by federal and state agencies, on the “topic” of the imaginary, never to be built, highway. The state has walked away from the idea, choosing to enhance Route 11. The Federal government does not even recognize the “I 98” number designation, dreamed up by our local promoters.

 Mr. Clark and a few local politicians keep parading the idea before the public and wasting our tax dollars on this absurd idea.

This road, is not on any funding entities radar and never will be. It is simply a means to keep Mr. Calrk employed and keep elected officials in office, as they appear to be doing “something” for Northern New York. Sadly, endorsement of “ 98” now appears to be a prerequisite, for getting ones name on the Democratic ballot in St. Lawrence County. Please!

I encourage local voters to let their feeling be known and felt on this and other issues. 

Elia Filippi, Richville