I-98 best option for new four-lane highway
Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - 5:00 pm

To the Editor:

In regards to “Route 11 best option for new four-lane highway” North Country This Week Aug. 22-28, once again we get a letter from the gentleman from Canton. Has he already forgotten the six dead on Route 11 in Antwerp? Let’s examine his letter for logic and veracity.

“Route 11 is just aching...” Can an inanimate object feel pain?

“Like four lanes...” Where are the four lanes?

“Higher speed limits...” Again, Where? They lengthen the speed zone in Canton and with a new store going in DeKalb, can it be far behind?

“Route 11, that will serve our needs...” We have to pay a “transportation premium” because we don’t have access to good transportation. You can make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear before you can improve Route 11. “The folly” is yours John (Casserly).

“Wasting our precious time and money..” How much time and money are wasted driving through Philadelphia, Gouverneur, Canton, Potsdam, Malone and Rouses Point?

When I used to visit my brothers in New Hampshire, it was equidistant from the Vermont line.Yet, took twice as long. How Many Cantonites will be killed on the State Street detour?

Where are you going to put the pedestrians, Amish buggies, bike riders, joggers and farm vehicles? How long before the next person dies on Route 11?

Did I detect anger in (Casserly’s) letter? Does he have another motive? Is it John’s way or the highway? How much is a life snuffed out on Route 11 worth?

Dwayne Martin