Holiday festival brings Norwood community together
Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 6:39 am

To the Editor:

The Norwood Village Board and mayor would like to thank local Norwood businesses for staging the “Norwood Holiday Festival,” held recently.

Special thanks to the “Hometown Café’s” Sue and John Fregoe, Bobbie Phillips, Noel and Carrie.

Thanks also to Perry’s Big M, Sue Perry, Hobby Shop, Ray Richards and all other businesses and individuals who participated in the parade and other activities as well.

The event is growing each year, it brings our community together, provides children an opportunity to greet Santa, and neighbors and friends are able to enjoy each other’s company, but most of all it creates a spirit of well-being and an opportunity to enjoy the holidays for all.

From Norwood Village Board members and employee’s, merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Mayor Jim McFaddin, Trustees Dick Boprey,

Tim Levison, Jim Besaw,

Mike DiVincenzo