Heuvelton class of ‘64 committee seeks classmates
Friday, March 7, 2014 - 6:16 am

To the Editor:

It's 50 years since we graduated, and we have made plans for a super time for all on August 29, 2014, at the Inn on the Greens about three miles from Heuvelton. Festivities will consist of food, entertainment, beverages, a Reunion Booklet with a biography on every classmate we can source, a DVD of our last reunion, plus events at this, our 50th reunion.

That's the same weekend the HAA (Heuvelton Alumni Association) will be having their all-years class reunions plus the yearly Labor Day celebrations. Other classes may be represented and it would be possible to attend both should one wish to.

Nostalgia of course will be the main item on our menu as we all talk over the last 50 years and tell stories (some actually true!) about our lives and friends in the class. The more classmates who attend, the better: Our class has a long history of attendance well above the "norm" (if there is such a thing). We hope to achieve that same result again and then some!

We have a great start on locating classmates and listing those who will be able to attend, there are still those we have not heard from or aren't sure they can make it. You can view the overall success list to date on the HCS Class of 64 website at: http://HCS-Classof64.net where you will find a class roster page with statistics on the current status of our classmates.

This roster has been and will continue to be updated at intervals whenever new information becomes available.

Our search for more classmates goes on and we ask any classmate, friend or relative of an HCS Class of 64 graduate, to reach out to them and as them to contact Tom Rivet or Tom Woodside.

Tom Woodside is our class president and the impetus behind initiating the reunion planning and committees.

Tom Rivet maintains the class roster and statistics of the attendees, their biographies and any information anyone will share with us. Tom Woodside of course will also accept any and all information and relay to me when appropriate.

Any help anyone can provide on locating missing or lost classmates, along with letting them know they should attend if they are on the fence, will be very much appreciated by all classmates at the reunion.

We want this 50th Reunion to be the best yet and we need as many classmates as possible to attend.

As I mentioned, check out the website address given above to learn more and for contact information.

Our sincere thanks to all classmates, relatives and friends of those classmates, for any assistance at all.

Tom Rivet