Hannawa logging is part of county plan
Friday, December 17, 2010 - 12:19 pm

To the Editor:

Concerns have risen over logging activity on county lands recently. One concern was that the County intends to clear cut and sell its forested properties. This is absolutely false, as the County will maintain ownership of the forested parcels, and although clear-cutting is an appropriate method of harvest, it is not always appropriate when used in an area managed for multiple-use. Area 30 in the town of Pierrepont is located along the River Road adjacent to Postwood Park. This harvest was designed to open the canopy and free the best trees in hopes that they will respond in kind with continued growth for future harvest. It is also expected that some regeneration will occur within these opened spaces that will replace the over story, and continue the cycle of production.

St. Lawrence County harvests wood products from its forested parcels in accordance with carefully designed management plans. The plans represent many characteristics of each parcel and include a timeline of recommendations for harvest in order to maintain optimal woody mass production. Typically individual trees are marked for removal; volumes are tallied, and mailed to a list of loggers for bid. A contract is created with explicit stipulations for harvest and a security deposit is withheld until the harvest is completed to the satisfaction of the Forester. Inspections of timber sales are made on a regular basis. During a harvest the parcels are closed to the public for safety, as it takes time for hanging branches to fall and unstable ground to settle. Occasionally weather conditions require that a harvest operation be suspended before completion; as is the case with Area 30 where clean-up will resume in the spring 2011 when the ground is more suitable.

In high use areas we strive to maintain a park-like forest thru consistent management via harvesting wood products. Much of St. Lawrence County’s forests have been planted between 60-80 years ago. These forests have reached financial maturity, and require management in order to open up the stands and free more resources, so the healthiest and most vibrant trees may continue to grow.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the St. Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation District Forester at 386-3582.

Aaron Earl MS

SAF Certified Forester # 3893