Hannaford helped support Norfolk- Raymondville Food Pantry
Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 11:03 am

To the Editor:

The Norfolk-Raymondville Food Pantry would like to express its' sincere appreciation to Hannaford of Massena for the years of support they have provided to our pantry!

Every third Saturday, a volunteer from the Food Pantry would go to Hannaford to pick up near -dated donated food items from the bakery, deli and dairy departments.

He would return to the food pantry just before our monthly distribution at 9 a.m. with totes filled with breads, cakes, cookies, cupcakes from the bakery, gallons of milk, cream cheese, sour cream, milk and yogurt from the dairy department and rotisserie chickens, cold cuts and other meat items from the deli.

I can not begin to explain what a wonderful addition these items made to our distributions!

Children would walk away, smiling ear to ear with a bakery decorated cake, or a dozen cupcakes. Adults and seniors would be tickled to be able to select from a variety of bakery breads and bakery items.

We are so sorry to see Hannaford leave the area. But please know, they will not be soon forgotten for all they did to assist their neighbors in need at the Norfolk-Raymondville food pantry, as well as the many other local social service agencies in the area.

With sincere appreciation for giving back to your community so generously,

Wendy Chambers

Norfolk- Raymondville Food Pantry