Hammond woman supports Romney, Doheny in Tuesday's race
Friday, November 2, 2012 - 2:46 pm

To the Editor:

Like many Americans, I dream about one day making a success of myself, particularly by pursuing a challenging education, working hard and owning my own business. Whatever your version of the American dream may be, one thing is for certain: America’s prosperity comes from the efforts of people striving for success. The freedom to succeed should not only serve as an inspiration for us as individuals, but also empower others along the way. Can you envision an America with no freedom, no inspiration, and no pride in accomplishment? To me, this year’s congressional and presidential elections have great parallel and are fundamentally about just that – preserving and promoting the American dream.

I am discouraged by the way the opposing candidates continue to push a divide in our country. They continue to downplay the hard work, career paths and personal success of others. It’s no secret that there are classes in society, but aren’t we all Americans? Don’t we all have dreams and deserve representation? Shouldn’t we all keep the hard earned money that we make? If you take away a person’s incentive by criticizing and penalizing success, you take away the opportunities that help America take care of those truly in need. In socialist countries, people lose interest in actually working hard, following their dreams, and ultimately creating jobs. That’s why people in other nations dream of one day coming to America!

It is clear our state and country have reached a turning point that should be taken very seriously; the debt that we are accumulating and unnecessary spending needs to stop. We need business minded leaders who understand the economy; leaders who are not afraid of making the hard choices to eliminate wasteful spending and implement policies that foster job creation. We need leaders who understand the American dream, because they have lived the American dream and will act as catalysts to help everyone achieve their own version of the American dream.

I am thankful we have qualified candidates that are committed to supporting the freedom to succeed and not penalizing you for success – whether through divisive rhetoric, increased taxes or burdensome government regulations that hinder economic, business and personal growth. That’s why I support Matt Doheny for Congress, along with the Romney/Ryan ticket for the White House and ask that you please consider your vote carefully. Their positive, can-do attitude, proven business and leadership experience will undoubtedly get our great nation back on track! Please vote on Tuesday, November 6th - your vote WILL make a difference!

Erica Demick, Hammond