Gun law hurts sportsmen, fails to protect people
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 9:48 am

To the Editor: 

Living in New York as a gun owner, one already knows there are strict gun control laws. Getting a pistol permit in this state is a lengthy and arduous process.

There are things I agree with and disagree with about the current state of gun control in this state, but the bill that Governor Cuomo recently signed into law genuinely scares me as a citizen of New York, and of these United States.

Generally speaking, I can't fathom how the citizens of this country have become a bunch of fear-mongers over the past few decades.

Whenever there is a tragedy in this country, not only does the media latch onto a story for weeks and weeks, but they create an environment where everyone is scared of each other, and apparently, of guns.

What our failing media never seems to report on, however, is that the bad guys get the guns no matter what to commit atrocities. And that gun legislation only hurts the law-abiding citizen.

I fail to see how limiting gun magazines in the state from 10 rounds to seven is going to actually prevent more random acts of violence. The modern terrorist can literally make explosives from free sites and tutorials on the internet.

Somehow, that means that gun owners need to suffer because of massive paranoia by reactionary citizens who don't understand that it is already difficult to even obtain a pistol in this state.

Another thing that is troubling to me is that New York's government passed this bill in a bi-partisan effort.

If I've not seen a blatant example that both parties have become the same, I don't know what is. This is just proof that both parties would rather choose showing their constituents that they believe in a perverted sense of safety over the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The right to bear arms isn't about hunting or target shooting. It is about defending oneself against a tyrannical government. The majority of NY's politicians fail to see this.

I don't understand how limiting guns from 10 round magazines to seven is going to do any good. The vast majority of pistols manufactured have at least 10 round magazines, so this gun bill makes these guns completely illegal to use.

Also, the fact that there's going to be an "instant" background check for all ammunition purchases is ridiculous. Instead of just buying ammunition like in any other state, we're now going to face lines just to buy what we need like something you'd see in Russia as people waited for toilet paper.

This type of legislation is proof that "common sense" gun control just doesn't exist. The debate was originally about assault rifles.

Now it's about restricting every gun. When is enough enough? Are they going to limit rounds to five per magazine? To one? How many little restrictions are they going to put on guns until the common man can't even buy one without 900 pages of paperwork?

This is what happens when you give the government an inch: They take 100,000,000 miles.

They don't care about the Second Amendment. It's very clear now.

Both parties have failed in this country. It's time to vote our consciences. We need to stand up against the two party tyranny that we have in this country. Because if we don't they won't be just regulating our weapons next time. They will be regulating all our other civil liberties that we take for granted.

Kerrin E. Allen, Raymondville