Gun control legislation aimed at disarming USA, says Brasher man
Friday, August 8, 2014 - 6:39 am

To the Editor:

Anyone who is awake and paying attention is totally aware that all of the gun “control” legislation of late is aimed at getting guns and ammo out of the hands of honest American citizens.

We who support Liberty, the Constitution and its so very important and unique Bill of Rights are, of course, opposed to the agenda of the War-On-Liberty crowd so ably led in New York State by Governor Cuomo and his henchmen. These anti-Liberty people are dedicated to ending Liberty in the USA.

As reprehensible as schoolhouse shooters and armed robbers are, they present no threat to crooked, over-reaching politicians. Armed honest people do. Murderers and other trash present the “excuse” for disarming honest citizens. Fools and corrupt politicians embrace this tactic.

The first job of any criminal enterprise is to provide means of protection of that enterprise and its people from punishment meted out by the people it harms along its crooked path.

Who knows best when a government has crossed the threshold into the realm of “Criminal Enterprise” than the corrupt politicians who are running it and forcing it through that very doorway?

Because our national government is edging dangerously close to becoming a “Criminal Enterprise” and corrupt politicians know it, we have the panic to disarm the nation’s citizens and make them into docile, defenseless subjects.

If we let corrupt pols get away these actions, America is doomed.

William C. Lewis

Brasher Falls