Grandaw: experience, training to be coroner
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 1:19 pm

To the Editor:

I am a seeking the position of Coroner for St. Lawrence County. I have been involved in public safety for over thirty years, helping people in their time of need. I see the Coroner’s position as a continuation of serving the public in their time of need by helping them find closure in determining the manor and cause of the death of their loved one. I believe the training I have received and the experiences of my work, make me qualified to serve the people of St. Lawrence County as Coroner.

I began my career as a volunteer firefighter/EMT in Canton, where I born and raised, graduating from Hugh C. Williams High School in 1978. From there I moved to Massachusetts obtaining my Paramedic license from Northeastern University in Boston. While in Massachusetts, I worked with a private EMS provider in Somerville, Mass., before going to work as a firefighter/paramedic/rescue diver with the Hyannis Fire Department. During my time with the Hyannis Department I also worked with FEMA as a rescue specialist/paramedic with the Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, based in Beverly, Mass.

Today, I’m a NYS licensed EMT volunteering with the Pierrepont Fire Department as well as a NYS licensed Funeral Director working with the Seymour Funeral Home in Potsdam.

I feel that my experiences as a paramedic give me a better understanding of the functions of the body systems and organs and how they react to illness and injury. This knowledge will give me good insight in determining the manor and cause of death.

Being able to work with different agencies is an important tool for the coroner. I have had many opportunities during my career to be directly involved in multiple agency incidents, where working closely with the other agencies was important in mitigating the situation at hand.

As a funeral director, I have the opportunity of working with families who are grieving with the loss of a loved one, much like the coroner has to interact with the grieving families during the investigation as well as afterwards.

I feel that with my background, I can effectively and efficiently serve the county as one of your coroners.

On November 2, you have two votes for this position, and I would appreciate being considered for one of those votes.

Brett D. Grandaw, Colton