GOP primaries could set tone for election
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 12:16 pm

To the Editor:

Republicans will have a number of decisions to make on Primary Day, Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Depending on residency, Republican voters may have as many as six primary races to contend with as they enter the voting booth:

• Rick Lazio, NYGOP designee for governor, is facing a primary with Carl Paladino.

• Republican voters will have a choice from among three Republicans looking to replace U.S. Senator Gillibrand: NYGOP designee Bruce Blakeman, David Malpass and Joseph DioGuardi.

• In the race to replace U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, Gary Berntsen, NYGOP designee, faces a Republican challenge from Jay Townsend.

• Matt Doheny, who has been endorsed by the St Lawrence Republican County Committee, is facing Doug Hoffman for the 23rd Congressional District seat.

• Here in St Lawrence County, David Button and Kevin Felt are squaring off for the job of St Lawrence County Treasurer.

• For St Lawrence County Legislator, in Legislative District 7, residents from Clare, Colton, Hopkinton, Parishville, Piercefield and Pierrepont will have a choice between Lucien Plante and Scott Sutherland.

• For St Lawrence County Legislator, in Legislative District 8, Kevin Acres and Matt Flynn II are looking to represent residents in Madrid, Canton (Election Districts 2, 5 and 8) and Potsdam (Election Districts 1 and 2).

In the week remaining until Primary Day, I encourage voters to learn all they can about each of the candidates. Having met and worked with all of these candidates over the last five months, each of these candidates is very capable and deserving of the office they seek. Don’t take these choices lightly – find out about their respective qualifications, platforms, and experiences. They have spent countless hours going door-to-door and have marched in many of the parades in St Lawrence County this summer.

One vote does make a difference. It is important that voters come out on Primary Day and cast votes for candidates of their choosing. This is not the time for a “modest turnout.” All of these primaries are important for the future of our nation, our state and St Lawrence County. There is no Monday morning quarterbacking after an election. Use your right to vote responsibly.

The results on Primary Day will begin to set our party’s campaign tone into November.

Please join me on Primary Day, and let’s create a ballot chosen by the people, for the people.

Nancy K Martin, Chairwoman

St. Lawrence Republican

County Committee