Give Democrats a chance to solve the problems
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 12:37 pm

To the Editor:

In response to the signs around the county, yes I am fed up.

My fed-up-ness is a combination of four things: first, Republican economic policies caused a collapse; second, Republicans tried to cripple Democratic efforts to address the problem; third, Republicans then blamed Democrats for failing; fourth, Republicans plan to dismantle the little good that has been done and go back to the “good old days.”

Some warn against big government, but let’s try some common sense here. The question is not, “Do you prefer big government or small government?”

The question is, “Do you prefer a government that is big enough or not big enough?”

A government has be bigger than the problems it faces, otherwise it cannot deal with those problems. To make the government 10 percent of its present size (as a previous Tea Party letter suggested) is to guarantee that it will fail. Oil companies wouldn’t even need to bribe anyone anymore; no one would be in their way. That kind of small government would soon be no government at all.

The Tea Party doesn’t mean to betray American, but that is what it amounts to. They are driven by fear and can no longer think straight.

Some want to dismantle health care reform, but let’s try some common sense there too. Who do you want making your most important choices when you are most vulnerable? An elected government that you helped choose? Or some professional who is only interested in making money from you weakness? This is a no-brainer. Incompetent bureaucrats are bad, but competent professionals who profit from you pain are worse.

Read up on the “good old days” when the government was small. How kindly were the free market forces in 1900? Read about the American Shirtwaist Factory fire. Read about children used as disposable resources in factories and mines until they government got big enough to stop them.

Do you want to go back to that?

It is the love of money that is the root of every kind of evil. We dare not let greed run our country, even if it calls itself “the free market” or “the American way” (Satan disguised as an angel of light).

The government ought to be big enough to control every kind of greed. Regulation of the strong is absolutely necessary to protect the freedom of the weak, (now that is a basic Constitutional princple); otherwise there is no democracy left.

Sometimes Democrats are disappointing, but they are mainly not yet the pawns of evil men set on owning everything.

These days, Republicans and Tea Party candidates seem to be mainly clueless people dominated by fear, with no plan except to hinder any possible solution.

Maybe Democrats can’t solve the problems we face, but Republicans and Tea Partiers don’t even know what the real problems are.

Let’s give the Democrats a real chance to solve the problems and vote the hindrances out.

Carroll Boswell