GardenShare: Rezoning could hurt agriculture
Monday, May 14, 2012 - 12:14 pm

To the Editor:

On behalf of the GardenShare Board of Directors, I am writing to express concern about the rezoning proposal under consideration by the Town of Canton. The proposed change would reclassify property that is currently zoned for agricultural use to solely residential use.

At GardenShare we are working to promote the growth of a sustainable, local agricultural economy and to expand our emerging community-based food system. We view this proposal as a step in the wrong direction.

As reported on North Country Public Radio (4/24/12), Town planning board chair Mike Morgan stated, “The idea is to reclaim land out of the ag-district that is not being used for any agricultural purpose, whether it’s livestock or crop, and hasn’t been for some time, and to convert that to residential.”

There is no need to “reclaim” land in agricultural zones as they already permit residential use. To remove any land from agricultural zoning would be short-sighted.

We applaud the St. Lawrence County Planning Board for recommending against this change. We urge the Canton Town Board to reject this zoning change and maintain as much agricultural potential in our region as possible.

Heather Sullivan-Catlin, President, GardenShare