Funds running low for cemetery mowing
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 12:31 pm

To the Editor:

As treasurer of Hillcrest Cemetery Association, I wish to let anyone associated with Hillcrest Cemetery in Parishville know why the association decided to do only four mowings for the 2010 summer season.

At the annual meeting held May 3, I reported that we would be short $719.26 of having enough money to do five mowings. Also, that if the current rate of interest stays at 1.35 percent (since April 30, 2010), the interest on the money in the permanent maintenance fund would only be $587.25 for next summer’s maintenance, so we should be conservative of the donations received as a result of the letter mailed Aug. 1, 2007. Per advice from the auditor, I transferred the total from the checking account to the passbook savings account.

I took $250 from the savings account to do the July 4 mowing, and at the special meeting held Aug. 18, I was asked to take $100 more and with two donations that totaled $300, we would have enough to mow for Labor Day. I did the transfer on Aug. 20.

Members of the association know that during 2009, we had eight CDs. I often went to three banks to get the best rate of interest—one when the CD came due, another bank for the better rate of interest and still another to deposit the check for interest. In January of 2010, I combined two, and when the association’s records were audited Aug. 2, the auditor said I could combine the three CDs due in September, making less work for the next treasurer.

I had been a trustee from 1971 until I became treasurer in 2000, typed letters and the annual reports for my two sisters who were treasurers before me, and wish to take this opportunity to let everyone know that the officers of the association have loved ones in Hillcrest, and know and appreciate your concern and welcome any suggestions and help you may have.

June Remington,