Full-time music position should be filled at PCS
Monday, April 15, 2013 - 2:31 pm

To the Editor:

As an alumnus of Potsdam High School, I was shocked to hear about the loss a full-time music position.

I played in band and chorus for a total of eight years, and continued my passion for music at Hampshire college, where I majored in Digital Music Distribution, the field in which I now work.

This loss of opportunities for current students is troubling. By cutting these programs, the school board is denying current students the opportunities that led to where I am today. High school music isn’t an extracurricular activity, but rather an important learning opportunity that builds the foundation for careers in entertainment and the arts

Furthermore, the fact that Potsdam, home of the Crane School of Music, no longer has a full-time music position is downright embarrassing. School board members Fuller, Turbett, Cowen, and Gray need to realize that cutting Potsdam’s music program like this is unacceptable.

Will K. Romey, Potsdam