Friends of Ogdensburg Public Library donates $197.39 to St. Lawrence County
Friday, November 16, 2012 - 2:01 pm

To the Editor:

As a County resident and taxpayer, let me begin by thanking you for all your hard work in difficult circumstances as you juggle the needs for services with keeping tax increases to a minimum.

I reside in one of those wide swaths of the County that lack chartered library service. In my case, I tend to use the Ogdensburg Public Library. That is why I volunteer my services with the Friends of Ogdensburg Public Library. This group is committed to helping the Library fill the gap between government support and our community’s demands for library services. The Friends donate or grant funds for everything from crafts supplies for children’s programs, to computer tables, to energy conservation equipment, to large print materials and audio books for those with failing eyesight.

While we understand your dilemma, we are also deeply concerned about the total elimination of library funds from the 2013 County budget. That is why the Friends of Ogdensburg Public Library voted to award a grant of $197.39 to St. Lawrence County in support of our County’s libraries. This represents 10 percent of the net proceeds from our most recent used book sale.

We request that you use this money to keep libraries on your list of active contract agencies. We further challenge you to at least match these funds as a show of good faith to recognize the valuable services delivered to all County library users.

We are doing this to help the County and its libraries get through a very tough situation. Please commit yourselves to keeping libraries in your budget and restoring library aid as soon as possible.

Maureen Kravec, Friends of the Ogdensburg Library President