Frequent visitor offers trash, traffic ideas
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 4:10 pm

To the Editor:

Re: Potsdam, Trash and Traffic:

The speed limit on Market Street is 30 miles per hour, however the traffic flow is more like a constant 50 to 60 mph. If the Potsdam Police Department were to issue tickets to each of the speeding motorists, the Village of Potsdam would have more money that they could spend wisely.

The speeding motorists could have the option of paying the speeding ticket and all the proceeds would go to keeping Potsdam clean, or they could perform one hour of community service cleaning Potsdam for every mph over the speed limit they were going.

In all of the communities I have ever lived, shop owners are responsible for keeping their sidewalk areas clean and snow-free. It makes for a much nicer environment as you enter their establishments. In fact, if you do not clear the sidewalk in front of your property of the snow within the first four hours of the snow falling, you are issued a ticket. The town shovels your portion of the sidewalk and adds the cost to your tax bill.

In quite a few communities where I have lived, they implemented an inmate workforce, pulling labor pools from the county and city jails to provide cleaning crews for the parks and public areas. They were the people convicted for non-violent crimes, and they were able to reduce their sentences by performing the community service

I have noticed the trash can outside one of the stores is always overflowing and there is usually trash on the ground. All of that trash is put in the can, but it does not appear to me that the store ever empties that can. I am embarrassed to even park my truck in that area. It is a mess!

I have been visiting Potsdam for over 40 years, and I can tell you the traffic is so much worse than it has ever been. Not only is there more of it, but due to the high speeds and the large trucks, it makes it very difficult to enjoy being in town. It is very noisy, congested and trashy looking. The toilets really don’t help either. Is there not some way to put an ordinance on the books that prohibits such an ugly display?

I think I have offered a few solutions to the problems, not just complained about them, so when I come back next year, I will be anticipating a difference in the appearance and traffic in Potsdam.

Savannah Cooper, New Orleans, LA