Former St. Lawrence County Republican Congressman endorses Doheny
Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 10:25 am

To the Editor:

I had the honor and privilege to represent many of your readers when I served in Congress.

I never stopped learning about the district and my constituents. I averaged about 1,000 miles of driving most every Thursday to Monday in a district larger than nine states.

I didn’t expect anyone to keep up that pace. Then I met Matt Doheny.

Matt has the same energy and enthusiasm for the job as I once had. He’s a road warrior; wherever two or more people are gathered, you’re likely to find him.

Matt’s a bright guy, certainly, and I think his experience in business can be put to great use in Washington. But he’s also the kind of guy you’d enjoy talking with – full of stories about growing up in the north country. His friendly demeanor is exactly what’s needed to build consensus and get things done in Washington.

There’s a lot of cynicism about Congress. People say: “It doesn’t matter who represents me. One person can’t make a difference.”

Trust me: That just isn’t the case.

One winter morning in 1984, I – as a freshman member of the Armed Services Committee – listened as Army officials spoke of a new “high priority”: the creation of light infantry divisions.

I asked General Wickham and Secretary Marsh subtle questions after the hearing: Where would these divisions be based? When – and how – would such decisions be made? I later learned Fort Drum was not the Army’s top choice. But they hadn’t closed the door.

I knew I had to lead the effort that would convince the Army to base its new division at Fort Drum. We assembled a first-class team of community & government leaders in the north country, as well as my contacts in Washington and Albany.

Our full court press paid off handsomely. At noon on Sept. 11, 1984, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger called me to say he’d be announcing Fort Drum as home to a new light infantry division.

I share this story because I’d hate to see our area pass on the opportunity to have Matt Doheny leading their team & helping to create jobs that are desperately needed. Matt Doheny has much greater experience than I had. His energy & enthusiasm will make it all work.

I strongly urge you to vote for Matt on Nov. 6.

God bless my old district and its constituents, and may God bless America.

Dave Martin, Former Republican Congressman