Former mayor backs Button for treasurer
Monday, August 30, 2010 - 12:38 pm

To the Editor:

I worked with David Button for over 20 years while I was a member of the village police force and as an elected official as village trustee, village mayor and town councilman.

Most elected officials tend to be reactive to the problems presented to them. David Button was always proactive and has a creative ability and the vision to see what needs to be done and not afraid to lead the charge.

When David approaches a problem, he solicits input from everyone, board members and taxpayers alike, and always weighs the risk vs. the reward.

A perfect example is the Gray Bowling alley (Heritage project). He has pulled off this project during a time when everyone has been afraid to become involved. He has vision and follows it through. The project will lease to businesses on the first level and condominiums on the second level.

He has managed this through grants and found a contractor who was willing to invest money. He has caught flack because the last payment was held up because of the state budget and the money will be released when the state finally passes its budget. The beauty and function of this project goes a long way towards economic development in downtown Canton and probably would not have happened without his lead.

While at the help as town supervisor, David has shown an extraordinary ability with understanding municipal budgets. The Town of Canton is operating its budget under tight times and still managed to drop the taxes last year.

I don’t know David’s opponent and I am sure he is a good man. However, the experience between these two candidates in handling government budgets is glaring. Mr. Button has over 15 years experience and his opponent has less than two years.

Let’s get the best qualified individuals we can find during these very trying times in history. This is not a time to gamble on something this important.

Ron Houle