Focus on retirement, not businesses, says Waddington man
Monday, March 17, 2014 - 6:43 am

To the Editor:

I-98 sounds like a wonderful concept but there are downsides worth mentioning...for example the homes on both sides of the modern pathway enticing trucks to come from Canada at 3 a.m.

Tires screaming to rival the greatest Tarzan yell ever heard will cause property values to plummet, but who cares about a few hundred property owners when we can envision the multitude of new late-night bars that will merrily dot the countryside to service the construction workers in need of entertainment as they spend endless months assembling the modern cement monstrosity.

What too few people realize is how suitable the North Country has become as a place for retirement due to the lack of traffic found too abundantly in all the southern retirement centers, coupled with how life has changed in relation to the portable super-convenient computers that encourage contact between generations as never before.

Let’s realize the North Country must be promoted as a new oasis for retirees before we encourage business growth following the pattern of Binghamton and Utica.

If anyone is unfamiliar with those population centers, it would be most informative to visit briefly (the only advisable way to visit) and see if this is what you want our peaceful North Country to become ...

If that should happen, it would demolish any future interest on the part of retirees and leave only the kind of business pattern so flagrantly demonstrated by the southern tier cities.

I-98 is a great concept-- huge in size and nuisance value during its construction, but not great in real long-term merit, best left at the drawing board in the paper plan stage until someone tosses it in the trash.

Richard Carlisle