Flu shots are safe
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 9:55 am

To the Editor:

Last week's question (NCNow Survey, Sept. 22-28, 2010):

"Do you plan on getting a flu vaccine this year?"

54.1% -- Yes

42.4% -- No

3.4% -- It depends

Total responses: 410

Total comments: 104


Even as unscientific as these polls are, the combination of the percentages and the comments to this question show a serious amount of ignorance and unnecessary fear of flu shots.

I really wish there were some demographics to go along with those numbers and comments.

Either the scientific data isn't trusted by these people or they are simply closed-minded or they have never seen or heard of the information, but they are a good indication of why the flu rates will be so high here in the North Country.

Just as there are people who have never left the county, let alone the state, there seems to be a similar contingent of people who are risking their health for no good reason.

Flu shots are NOT the actual flu, they are simply derived FROM the flu, and chances of getting the flu from a shot are nearly 0 everywhere.

Don't leave me alone in this world; get your flu vaccine! And for the older folk, add the pneumonia shot, too.

Tom Rivet,